As a result of the economic opportunities after World War II, Baltimore Tank Lines was formed in 1948 to service the expanding market for petroleum transporters.

Baltimore Tank Lines, “BTL” continued to expand its operation by servicing local heating oil companies, major oil companies, government installations and end users of gasoline, diesel, and both distillate & residual heating oils.

In the early fifties the State of Maryland along with other states, for safety reasons, passed legislation regulating the intrastate carriers of flammables. Baltimore Tank Lines was one of only two carriers that applied for and was grandfathered with dual authority for both common and contract carriage.

The Company continued to grow and prosper through the fifties, sixties and into the seventies. In 1971, a modern terminal was built in Glen Burnie, MD strategically located to allow access to both the Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia supply terminals. All operations, administration and maintenance are currently located at this facility.

In the early 1980’s, the I.C.C. (now the DOT) began to deregulate the transportation industry. With deregulation Baltimore Tank Lines was able to expand its area of operation to cover 48 states which enabled us to expand into the chemical transportation field.

Baltimore Tank Lines is now a transporter of all liquid bulk commodities including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) which was mandated for exhaust emissions in 2011. BTL commands an impressive following of satisfied customers serving local, regional, and national accounts.

With over seven decades of proven dedicated service to the energy and industrial communities, Baltimore Tank Lines looks forward to growing in both manpower and equipment to continue expanding our client base.