Congrats you have done well and walked away as an officially licensed commercial driver.  That shiny piece of plastic in your pocket holds the keys to a world of opportunity for you.  It is a magical card the gives you access to jobs and earning potential not available to others. Make no mistake you are now a high demand employee.

There are tough decisions ahead of you. These decisions will have a monumental impact on every facet of your professional and personal life, so take time and choose wisely nobodies situation is exactly the same as yours. Take time to understand if a local, regional or OTR position fits your life style. All options have positives and negatives, but take the time to find out what provides the most positives for you. Are you ok being just a number at a mega carrier or do you prefer part of a more family environment? Would you be ok just being home on the weekends? Do you want to see every continental state in the nation? These are some of the cursory questions to ask yourself. In the end the only decision on job choose that matters is yours.

Stay away from the “naysayers.” Trucking is plagued by negativity.  They are the weak ones that completely underestimate what it took to have a successful career in this business and as a result have bounced from company to company aimlessly. They have nothing of value to bring you and enjoy bringing people down with them.

Hold your heads high as you enter this new endeavor. You are a greatly needed commodity in the world of commerce. Without you the economy grinds to a halt. You will find that many will misunderstand the value of a good truck driver there will be the chosen few businesses that will treat you like royalty.