The answer is yes! Before you take aim, let me qualify my remark.

I can drive just about anything you throw at me. The first truck I ever drove was a stretched Peterbilt with flames on the hood, three hundred lights and a seat that was mounted directly to the floor. As far as I was concerned the only transmission that existed was an 18 speed and if you couldn’t hear me coming from a mile away then the truck was not loud enough. At that time, 25 years ago, I fit the bill for every large car hauler turning heads going down the highway.  Now, to me 25 years ago really does not seem that long, but looking at the evolution of the trucking industry in that time its comparing apples and oranges. The business of transportation is a different place than when I learned, not better or worse, it is just different. The swell of traffic, distracted driving, the durability of today’s trucks  the list is endless but it all points to the need of making the job less stressful and allowing technology to keep a drivers focus on the road ahead of them. Automatic trucks are the way of the world, that is all we order no debate I want our guys comfortable, safe and focused on their delivery. Let’s be honest the argument is generational, my grandfather looked down on me for not being able to drive a duplex transmission, it will always be something.